In a departure from the Sporting Register?s normal arrangements, our July monthly meeting was held at the Drouin Golf Club instead of Daizies just out of Warragul. The change of venue certainly attracted a bumper crowd of 78 members and guests despite the requirement to book in on the Sporting Register website by the previous Monday evening. Unfortunately several members arrived without booking in, but the staff at the Golf Club managed to cater without any fuss. To avoid embarrassment to the Club at any subsequent functions, be it at the Golf Club or any other venue, I would urge members to follow the booking arrangements put in place and published in our newsletter.
Our display car this month was the 2012 Toyota 86 GTS belonging to Traralgon Toyota salesman Ben Huke who has attended several Sporting Register events in this car.? As most sporting car enthusiasts will know, the Toyota / Subaru joint project to build the 86 / BRZ twins has been a stunning success with demand far outstripping the supply of these 2-litre, boxer engined, rear wheel drive coupes.? Ben?s pearlescent white, 6-speed manual was one of the first brought into the country after their release in mid-2012. Design inspiration came from Toyota?s classic 2000GT and the AE86 rear-wheel-drive Corolla. It is designed to appeal to driving enthusiasts and even caters for the odd track session with room for 4 race tyres in the back and headrests that accommodate the extra bulk of a helmet. Ben is impressed with the gearbox and handling of the car, which despite its sporting pretentions is not overly harsh in the fashion of older sports cars. The Subaru engine runs Toyota injection and produces 145Kw at a relatively high 7000rpm. The car weighs in at a podgy 1200kg, but those owners wanting more performance are catered for by plenty of aftermarket suppliers of forced induction and a wide range of suspension enhancement products.
Ben expects a convertible version of the 86 coupe to be available in about 18 months and a Toyota / BMW joint project to produce a new Supra model in a couple of years? time.? It?s hard to believe that this enthusiasts’ car comes from the same company that produce the pretentious Camry Sportivo.

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4 Responses to JULY MONTHLY MEETING at DROUIN GOLF CLUB – Thursday 11th July

  1. george ormondy says:

    I am in sunbury and wish you guys could hold a meeting closer to Melbourne in the near future so i could more easily attend



    • Glenn Campbell says:

      Perhaps the word “Gippsland” in our club’s name may be of relevance.
      Regards, Glenn

  2. John Cobbledick says:

    At our June monthly meeting it was proposed to have a general vote on a change of venue for the monthly meetings ( Daisy patch or Drouin golf club) The online vote is now in progress. Surely this is a management decision, and why we elect a committee in the first place
    Some time ago I made known to some committee members my disappointment that
    ordinary members were not called on to vote for club rule changes,to access the C.P.S.
    In my opinion changes to club rules is more important to members than meeting venues. In saying that,it seems that a little democracy is returning to our club, albeit only in a minor decision—–congratulations to those responsible
    9 /8/2013 John Cobbledick

  3. Glenn Campbell says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The CPS scheme is new and quite complex. VicRoads has many requirements, and there are issues from AOMC relating to the scheme. Not all members have vehicles on CPS and are therefore not interested.

    Even the committee members are “over it”.

    That’s why we have a committee to decide on the rules in these situations.

    Perhaps you would like to nominate for the committee next year to help the club become even better.
    Glenn Campbell, Secretary

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