On what was easily the coldest Breakfast Club gathering since Winter last year, it was surprising to see so many already in position when I arrived roofless in the Bugeye a few minutes after 8am. Spridget drivers are known to be? hardy souls with wardrobes full of warm driving clothes, the hoods are fiddly things to erect, they barely keep out the elements anyway, so it’s easier to leave them off. Allan and Lorraine Richards illustrated this by being layered up in the yellow Midget and Locky Fowler was also well rugged up, having driven the open-top ‘Gunge ‘ in from Darnum. Our regular TR6 contingent displayed both topless and hardtop variants whist a pair of? MGAs did like wise, The Aitken big Healey and an MX5? braved the elements with roofs stowed away, but there were quite a few other convertibles around with tops up, such as the Toyota-engined low-light Morrie Minor, a pair of Porsche Boxsters, an MGB,? a couple of Mercs and a? Ford Capri. Then there were those that couldn’t make up their mind, like Lloyd Shaw’s TR8 with the soft-top up, but back window unzipped and Ian Maud’s MR2 with its targa-style roof panels removed. As the morning slowly warmed up it was nice to see several convertibles shed their tops to show their true form.
Along with the ragtops there were coupes, muscle cars and sedans from all over the world spanning many decades. The oldest car there was Mark McKibbin’s T-model Ford and the newest, a gleaming orange Subaru WRX just off the showroom floor.
A couple of cars most hadn’t seen before were a white Ford Edsel, a Lancia Beta HPE and an immaculate silver-grey Mk.V Jaguar with red leather trim – absolutely stunning. Although I didn’t conduct a count during the morning, we spilled out of the southern section of the carpark into the main area and onto the road, so there would have been at least 65 cars on display with more arriving as others departed.
It was a fabulous morning with something to interest everybody. If you haven’t yet brought your classic or sporting car? down to breakfast in Warragul, please do so – we’d love to see it.

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