BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 13th January

Your Editor a trifle busy that Sunday morning in preparation for the start of the Cento Miglia? Economy Run and so missed a bit of what was turning up at the Breakfast gathering. Fortunately we had a visit from Paul Dobney who runs a very slick website called Driven Threads. I have used some of his photographs in this edition of IDLE CHATTER and pinched part of his prose as well ? see below. To view his complete article with some fabulous photos check out his website at:
?Nothing beats an early Sunday morning car meet up. The Gippsland Sporting and Classic Car Register organises a monthly breakfast meet-up in Warragul, and we thought we would check it out! This independent car club caters for the needs of owners and enthusiasts of Sporting and Classic Cars who reside in the Gippsland area of Victoria. A section of a Supermarket car park in Warragul?s main street was filled withan eclectic mix of vintage, classic and modern machinery. A lot of the vehicles at the meet were red plate vehicles on the club permit scheme. This scheme allows owners of cars over the age of 25 years to use their vehicles via a log book system to club events. With the cost of full registration on Victoria?s roads going sky high, it is definitely the way to go if you do not intend on driving your older car daily.?
One of several cars singled out for a special mention in Paul?s report was Mike Whitford?s recently purchased Fiat Dino which, during the 1960s, was the result of a collaboration between Fiat and Ferrari. The Bertone designed coupe runs the Ferrari Dino 2.4 litre V6. Once Mike gets the triple Webers singing in tune we?ll be seeing a bit more of this desirable classic.

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