RACES East Sale sprints – Sunday 28th October

The weather and the tarmac at the East Sale RAAF Base were in perfect condition for our intrepid group of super-sprinters to set some scintillating times around the temporary 1 mile race track which utilises the main runway and some taxiways on the base.
Ray and Kent Youlden tried hard all day to break under the 1 minute barrier in Ray’s M3, but despite a personal best time, Ray was still a a few tenths of a second short. This was Kent’s first run at East Sale; but he soon came to grips with the course and was challenging his big brother for fastest times in the M3.
Peter Thomson is a regular competitor at these events in the black V8 Torana. For this round he fitted an LSD to the car and found it easier to drive and quicker than previous outings. Ian Maud struggled to match his previous best times on the track, but on the his last lap the supercharged MR2 broke into the 62 second bracket? to be close to what he posted earlier in the year.
Steve Schmidt brought the Historic Racing Cooper S out for a run and was happy to be posting times in the 63 second bracket. The little car was enjoying the twists and turns, and despite only running hillclimb brake pads, didn’t suffer any brake problems during the 3-lap sprints on this track which can be very hard on brakes.
Allan and David Richards shared the 120Y Sports Sedan which runs an injected 1600cc Nissan motor.? At the end of the day there was only 0.24 seconds between them, with experience and cunning triumphing over youthful enthusiasm. With the Datto now running lower rear springs, it looks better balanced and was certainly quick through the esses and on to the main straight.
Glenn Campbell was giving his Historic Racing Alfetta GTV a shakedown after having the new engine finally run in and tuned up. With all its power at the high end of the rev range, Glenn found the gearing didn’t suit some of the tighter areas of the track where the car would be off the cam just when it needed to be punching out of the corner. Once up in the higher revs the Alfetta sounded great and a 1:05 lap time is none-too-shabby.
After a 10-year absence from the track, Mike Jacobson donned his race-suit to have some fun with his daily driver BMW 325i coupe. Being both new to the track and having never driven the BM on a circuit before, it took Mike a few laps to come to grips with the layout; but with lap times falling each time he went out, he was pleased to break into the 1:07s on his final lap.
Fastest laps:
Ray Youlden – BMW M3, 1:00.28
Kent Youlden – BMW M3, 1:00.96
Peter Thomsom – Torana A9X, 1:01.41
Ian Maud – Toyota MR2,? 1:02.99
Steve Schmidt – Morris Cooper S, 1:03.75
Allan Richards – Datsun 120Y, 1:04.88
David Richards – Datsun 120Y, 1:05.12
Glenn Campbell – Alfetta GTV, 1:05.79
Mike Jacobson – BMW 325i, 1:07.98

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